Civil law

Obligations and contracts, leases and condominiums, credit law, contractual and noncontractual liability, actions for the procurement of insurance policies, liability for negligence, protection of honour, privacy and image, claims for arrears, rights in rem and guarantees, protection of the rights of consumers and users, responsibility of construction agents.

Family law

Divorce, separation, civil and ecclesiastical annulments, settlement of conjugal societies, rights of minors and elders (grandparents’ visits, etc.), court enforcements, enforcement and registration of divorce judgments handed down in a foreign country, modification of measures, incapacity, testamentary succession, challenges of wills, declaration of heirs of intestate inheritances, acceptances of estates in full by the heir/heiress.

Property law

Purchases, personalised legal and tax advice for residents and non-residents, drafting and review of contracts and deeds, financial and mortgage planning, leases and evictions, condominiums.


Corporate and commercial law

Legal advice for businesses, corporate secretarial functions, commercial contracts, corporate operations, corporate restructuring, assistance and resolution of corporate conflicts, director's responsibility.

Tax and fiscal consultancy

Comprehensive tax advice for businesses (corporate, VAT, business tax, etc.), comprehensive tax advice for independent professionals (income tax, VAT, business tax, etc.), accounting for companies and self-employed workers, economic and financial analysis of companies, fiscal planning for inheritances and the transfer of family businesses, taxes for non-residents, inheritance and gift tax, incorporation of companies and tax planning, tax planning for foreign investments, legal assistance and representation before the economic-administrative courts and the higher courts of justice, customised tax design for any type of investment, preparation and completion of form 720 and its filing with the Tax Agency.

Administrative law

Administrative procedures before any authority, claims for patrimonial responsibility of the administration, contentious-administrative procedures. Urban planning.

Foreign citizens

Customised advice for residence permit applications. Procedures with the Foreign Citizens Department for permit applications. Advice and processing of expulsion proceedings from the time of notification of the procedure to the handing-down of the expulsion order. Processing of the application for Spanish nationality.

Data protection and compliance

Advice in the adaptation of companies to data protection laws, risk analysis and implementation of criminal and corporate compliance programs, information technologies, specialised training.



Comprehensive advice for companies and individuals in current or imminent insolvency situations: advice in the pre-insolvency phase, advice on the acquisition of productive units, preparation of the agreement with creditors, dismissals and redundancy plans, challenge and recognition of credits, defence of creditors' rights, advice in the liquidation phase, restructuring of assets and liabilities, defence of classifications of guilt, assistance in all kinds of insolvency proceedings. Official receivers.

Labour law and social security

Legal advice for companies and individuals: Recruitment: general, managers, etc., collective bargaining, restructuring, total and/or partial company closures, homogenisation of conditions, subcontracting and outsourcing, recruitment and dismissal of senior positions and managers, remuneration systems, social security, occupational hazards prevention, labour and social security audits, specialised advice for dismissals, salary claims and disability.

Banking and financial law


Claims for floor clauses, swaps, subordinated and preferential bonds.

Claims for mortgage expenses.

Mediation and arbitration

National and international arbitration, conciliation, mediation in civil, family and commercial matters.


Criminal law

Defence of clients' interests (companies or individuals) before all the courts and in the provision of criminal liability services for legal persons: Corporate criminal law, economic criminal law, administrative criminal law, family criminal law, traditional criminal law.